about Collette, Unfiltered.

Collette, Unfiltered serves as a source of my online activism on sexual abuse, sexual assault, and other interpersonal violence. It is where you can find information on my writing, workshops, and other projects. Here you can also find bits of inspiration and personal glimpses that I hope will help you on your journey.

Collette, Unfiltered is also a documentary of my evolution, both professionally and personally. As I’m sure many of you can relate, I have too long let not being as experienced as I’d like to keep me from starting. However, in the words of the business guru I love to hate, Gary Vaynerchuck, when you are beginning, the key is to “document, not create.”

While I do intend to continue creating, educating, and working toward my goals, I choose not to wait until I have arrived before putting myself out there. Even if it’s not perfect. Even before I get the dream job, client, project, etc. I choose to share my voice and offer my skills to the world, knowing that as I persist in my journey, I will align myself with the right opportunities.