about me

Hi! I’m Capricia Collette. As the website banner says, I am many things. Among them, I am a victim-survivor of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

I specifically use that term, which was coined by anti-rape activist Aishah Shahidah Simmons, to give validity to the fact that I, like many of you, have survived serious violations which can carry deep and far-reaching effects, YET ALSO acknowledge the strength and resilience that it has taken for us to still be present and breathing today.

Though I have many professional interests, as a victim-survivor, I believe that my overall life purpose is to prevent others from experiencing interpersonal violence and to help bring healing to those who have. Whether I am writing, presenting a workshop to social work professionals, working on an art project, or sharing an Instagram post, my purpose remains the same. Though my activism extends to all groups, my primary focus is on communities of the black diaspora and, in particular, black women and femmes. It is my firm belief that by focusing on those furthest on the margins, everyone else within that grasp will also benefit.

I have a Bachelor of Social Work from North Carolina Central University and a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Community, Management, and Policy Practice from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I currently volunteer as a victim advocate in addition to working full-time in the human service field. I also conduct educational workshops on sexual violence in my various communities. I am currently seeking full-time employment in interpersonal violence advocacy and prevention.